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  • istlota
  • Son of God, Son of Man.
  • I was banned so many times from Facebook for “violating community standards” that I lost track of how many times I was banned. After the last time, they required me to submit a copy of an ID with my legal name before I would be allowed to log back in. Which is when I decided not to ever log back into facebook again.

    Just Listen.

    ANYONE who…Read More

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    • I was banned 3 or 4 times, that’s when I got off and joined THE REV

      • Talk about trying to really get all your personal identification. We discuss often here about how to verify identity without causing privacy concerns.

    • the zuck used to remove photos from my timeline that were private. status posts would disappear, blocked members would suddenly be unblocked. lots and lots of very shady practices.

  • When Ed Butowski worked for Fox News, Jullian Assange contacted him, and told him that Seth RIch was who leaked HIllary’s emails to Wikileaks. THAT, not Trump colluding with the Russians, was why Seth Rich was murdered. THAT, not Trump colluding with the Russians, is why Seth Rich was murdered. And, understand … our Mainstream Media ALREADY…Read More
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    1 month, 1 week ago
    There is a phrase I am hearing more and more of to describe the lib-tards on the Left — USEFUL IDIOTS.

    The idiots who vote for traitors like Omar are the same fools tho tune into CNN to get their news. They are the same idiots who work at McD and can’t figure out how to ring up a hamburger even thouigh there are pictures of hamburgers all over…Read More

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